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  • Anti-sectarian toolkit

    Central Scotland Regional Equality Council’s (CSREC) Educating on Equality toolkit is the legacy of our anti-sectarianism project, Tackling Sectarianism 2015-2016, funded by the Scottish Government’s, Community Safety Unit.

    This resource pack can be used in both primary and secondary schools but is easily adaptable and can be used with youth and community groups too.

    Many weeks were spent researching available material online and in hard copy. The best of this material was then pulled together, updated and combined with original material created by CSREC in order to create the Tackling Sectarianism Project’s Equality Toolkit.

    The topics covered by the toolkit include:

    • Diversity
    • Prejudice and Stereotypes
    • Human Rights and
    • Discrimination including Sectarianism

    The toolkit is divided into two, the first section is intended for children in the higher end of primary school and the second section is aimed at children in S1 to S3.

    Sessions meet several outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence; these outcomes are outlined at the beginning of each section. Each comes with teacher notes that outline each session including activities.

    The toolkit is easily adaptable which means that lessons can be tailored to meet the needs of each school or group and updated to follow current events. There are also appendices at the back of the booklet that can be printed off for ease, but all activities can be done on paper or jotters.

    We hope that this toolkit will be used across Scotland and that this will assist to eliminate discrimination and harassment in Scotland, so that everyone has an equal chance to learn, work and live free from prejudice and fear of harassment and violence.

    The Equality Toolkit is available free of cost in electronic form just down below.

    Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit Document

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