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    Corporate & Social Responsibility

    Partner With Us

    CSREC works with a range of organisations, such as community groups, charities, local council departments and the NHS. We are open to providing services to support your organisation’s needs.

    Make Us Your Primary Charity of Choice

    Choose us as your primary charity and help support our latest projects and campaigns.

    Cause-related Marketing

    If you have a cause that fits with our work, we can work together to promote your products and our services.

    Corporate Donations

    Whether through a one-off donation or sponsoring an entire project, a gift from your organisation can help us change lives.  

    Staff Volunteering

    Volunteering with us is a great opportunity for your employees to get involved in our hugely rewarding work.

    Payroll Giving

    Staff can make quick and easy donations to CSREC every month through their pay, and to encourage staff to take part, your company could match their donations.

    Staff Training

    CSREC can also provide training for your staff on a multitude of subjects covering discrimination, equality, and intersectionality. For more on this, check our Training and Consultancy page.

    Other Ideas?

    Get in touch with us about them - we're always happy to hear and expand where possible!

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