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  • Equality in the Community


    The Equality in the Community project seeks to tackle hate crime, discrimination and also increase the participation of people and communities affected by these issues, so they are supported to participate in and engage with services and civic society in the Forth Valley area.

    What do we do?

    The Equality in the Community project aims to reduce the negative effects of inequality, hate and marginalisation experienced by persons from the ethnic minority communities working and/or studying in Central Scotland, covering the areas of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling.
    It will take an intersectional approach to these issues and will address the challenges faced by those with multiple protected characteristics, especially women and children.

    The project will engage with local community groups to discuss and address their experiences and concerns. It will strive to act as liaison between them and partner public and third sector agencies to ensure that practical solutions to these concerns are developed and delivered.

    Anticipated Outcomes

    The outcomes that we will work towards are:

    • Discrimination against ethnic minority people is reduced, and multiple discrimination is addressed so that barriers to participation are reduced.
    • People covered by hate crime legislation experience lower levels of hate crime.
    • People and communities are supported to participate in and engage with services and civic society; their contribution is recognised and community cohesion is increased.

    Project Staff

    Kieran Gilmore

    Funded by:

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