• 01324 610950
    9–5 Mon–Fri
  • Practise English alongside other learners with a cup, a chair and a chat!

    Language learners arrive at the Howgate each week and practise speaking English.

    Simply take a seat, introduce yourself and see where the conversation takes you!

    Refreshments like coffee and biscuits will be freely available.

    You are warmly welcome to join our cheerful and joyful art-making workshop to help you take a break and relax. These are taking place every Tuesday at 10.00 am until 11.30 am at CSREC's office in the Howgate Shopping Centre in Falkirk.

    No prior experience is required - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

    Art-making is a calming practice, which can help to soothe your mind and relieve stress and anxiety.

    It is a way to process what is happening around and within you in a safe and confidential space. It can also help to enhance brain productivity and boost your confidence.

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