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  • Support & Advice

    What can we do?

    We run a Support and Advice Service that is free, impartial and confidential.

    We will treat you with dignity and respect; respect your privacy; support your choice and consider your safety.

    We can meet with you at our office or we can set up a video call to discuss your case.

    Contact us for any alternate arrangements.

    We provide support and advice for people who:

    • Have experienced discrimination
    • Need assistance in working with public bodies or accessing public services
    • Need to report a hate crime or hate incident – either as a victim or as a witness (we are a Third-Party Reporting Centre)
    • Need assistance with issues such as (but not limited to):
      – Employment
      – Education
      – Housing
      – Welfare
    We can also assist with:
    • Preventing social isolation
    • General information
    • Immigration issues
      – General Immigration matters: delivered through a partnership agreement by Ethnic Minorities Law Centre;
      – European Union Settlement Scheme: delivered by our OISC (level 1) accredited advisers
    • Capacity building support for community groups or organisations.

    How to access this service?

    You can either approach us directly or be referred to us by another agency. If your matter falls outside of the scope of our services we will, with your consent, refer you to a more appropriate agency.

    What do I need?

    Before coming to see us, if you are able to, try to write down what happened and when. Dates are especially important as there are strict time limits for bringing legal claims. In addition, think of all the documentation and evidence you possess to support your case, and if possible, bring it with you.

    We will listen to your case and make an assessment. If we can assist you, then we will work together to prepare your case, identify your options and decide on your best course of action.


    You have always helped me since I arrived in this country, I am very grateful

    – RA

    I would like to emphasise that if I did not receive the help from you I would not have secured the  funding for  a computer as a disabled student and would not have passed my course, for which I am grateful. The work of CSREC is very valuable as I would not have secured a place on the course as a disabled candidate if I did not receive the help that I got. Also it needs to be free for people to access the support they need at point of access.

    – NA

    Thank you for all the additional pointers and suggestions for the application, this has been so helpful. Completing this form over the last three months have been a long, emotional and difficult time. You have given me hope, and given me help, advice and support and I am incredibly grateful for this.

    – WW

    Project Staff

    Kieran Gilmore
    Pamela Correa-Martinez
    Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson

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