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    What is a Third-Party Reporting Centre?

    Third-Party Reporting is a way of reporting a crime, including Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse. This is a free service.

    Third-Party Reporting is a way of passing on information without you necessarily having to talk to the police directly.

    We can report Hate Crime to the Police Scotland on your behalf, whether you are a victim, witness or carer.

    You can speak privately to a member of staff, and we will pass information relating to the incident/crime onto the police for them to investigate or record.

    What is a Hate Crime?

    A Hate Crime is when an act of violence or hostility is carried out because of the victim's race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

    You don’t have to have been hit for it to be a crime. Hate Crimes can also be:

    • verbal abuse
    • swearing
    • bullying
    • intimidation or threats.

    Report Hate Crime Here!

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